Healthcare Strategy Development

We support our partners to develop sustainable strategies to achieve their objectives and goals. We adopt a collaborative approach to explore the opportunities, chart practical implementation plans, review and establish key performance indicators that measure the progress, mitigate risks and ensure successful delivery.

Two main areas that our team has successfully pioneered in Dubai and can support the clients with are:

Medical Tourism

With the extensive experience of the founding members who played a pivotal role in positioning Dubai as the top Medical Tourism destination in the region and amongst the top 10 global destinations on the Global medical tourism index, ORYX provides destinations and healthcare organizations with well-integrated solutions and road maps to enable them achieve their aspirations in the medical tourism industry.

Wellness Tourism

To address the growing arena of wellness tourism ORYX presents Welligma, an innovative tool to unlock the secret of the wellness enigma. Through this  analytical and development solution we are able to assess the wellness readiness of hotels, resorts, spas, wellness centers, healthcare facilities, retreats for leisure & tourism.

We analyze your key strengths and weakness to unlock your potential capacity and build your capability to attract wellness-motivated tourists. We align this wellness strategy with your brand philosophy, infrastructure and operations which will give the impetus and provide you with a road map for your envisioned growth.

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